According to reports, the rising demand for new housing has resulted in an employment spike within the construction industry. Recognised for its high retention rate and investment in college and apprenticeship courses to help shape the future, it is clear to see why roles in construction are so sought after.

But why does the industry have such an appeal to so many people? Dawn Buzzing, COSAC training centre manager, discusses the benefits available to employees within the sector and the advantages of a career path in construction.

Your work matters

With desk jobs, or a nine-to-five office career within a large corporation, it can be tricky to see how you’re individually contributing to the overall business. With a career in construction though, brick by brick, you can often see your work on display.

Some labourers help to construct skyscrapers destined to be a staple of our most famous city skylines; others create buildings that are crucial to a city’s infrastructure such as schools, police stations and hospitals. It’s clear that construction workers and the invaluable set of skills they wield are an integral part of modern life.

Daily challenges

Working in construction often means that your ‘office’ may change on a day-to-day basis. From building a quaint cottage in a rural corner of the world, to fitting a large warehouse in a busy city, every site brings new challenges and every project is a chance to ‘change up’ your working life. However, with the flexibility of working in different environments can also come many potential challenges, from rendering outdoors in the blazing summer heat, to navigating hard to reach places with a ladder.

Acquiring a CSCS Green Labourer Card will ensure you and your colleagues are fully versed on health and safety guidelines before working on site. With the recent launch of our CSCS Green Labourer Card online training course, gaining the required qualifications to enable achieving the card has never been easier. It can now be completed online, anytime, quickly and easily without workers having to spend time off site.

As well as gaining a CSCS accreditation, construction workers also take part in day-to-day ‘toolbox talks’; a get-together that encourages discussion on workplace safety, helping to not only remind newer employees about safety concerns, but also reinforcing the importance of this in the construction sector.

Working within a team

Like any sector, working within the construction sector can come with its own obstacles too. From delays in projects, to faulty equipment or tools, setbacks in this industry are highly likely. The construction industry however, is well known for its strong network and team ethic. Much like a training partner in the gym, your team mates will spot you, by supporting you as you carry heavy objects, or operate machinery in busy areas of construction sites.

Diverse colleagues

Throughout your time in the construction industry, you’re bound to come into contact with a diverse range of people, with varying skills, backgrounds and personalities.

Many of the skills required to work within the sector are transferable, resulting in a pool of people that have backgrounds in various trades – from carpenters and electricians, to steel fixers and plumbers – you might even pick up a new skill or two along the way.

The benefits of working in construction are endless. As communities look to expand, and businesses grow through investment, the need for construction workers will rise further still – particularly post-Brexit – presenting even more career opportunities. If you’re looking for your next career move, why not choose a path built on a strong foundation such as construction?

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