COSAC working with O’Neill & Brennan to support filling the unskilled gap in construction

Recruiting new people into the construction industry is an increasing challenge. Construction is a complex and potentially arduous place and the modern demands, of things like Health and Safety, means that you can no longer simply take people with no experience straight on to site. There are new apprenticeships to consider and moves to encourage more vocational training, as well as pressures for housebuilders facing a Section 106 requirement to recruit and train local people.

COSAC is proud is to be partnering with nationwide recruitment operation specialising in construction, O’Neill & Brennan, with a new initiative – Construct A Career.  The aim is to find a solution and effectively to ‘join the dots’ in terms of recruitment, training and job opportunities. 

Brendan Smith, Commercial Operations Manager at O’Neill and Brennan was quick to recognise the value that COSAC’s Safe2Site course could bring to Construct A Career.

As Brendan explained, “Safe2Site is the only fully online course approved by CSCS as route to getting a green labourer’s card, which is a minimum requirement for many roles in construction.  Using e-Learning is a more modern and flexible approach and makes completing the required training a much quicker, cheaper and easier process for our potential recruits.  This in turn means we can get them into employment faster, no matter where they are in the country and whether or not they are new to construction or needing to re-new their CSCS green card.”

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