CSCS One Day Test

The fastest route to getting your CSCS green card. If you have just checked the expiry date on your CSCS Green (Labourer) Card and you need to renew as soon as possible, our Safe2Site Premium service allows you to complete your training in just one day.

No Time Off Work

Taking our CSCS one-day test acts as the first step towards securing or renewing your CSCS Card – which your employer may require you to have to get on a construction site. All of our course material is online, which means you will never have to take time off work or waste valuable holidays to study, take the test or even travel to a training centre. With our one-day training course, you can get started on your health and safety training straight away, during your lunch break, commute or in between jobs.

The Fastest Route To Getting Your CSCS Card

The Safe2Site Premium course offers tradespeople a final assessment date just one working day after you apply, providing you with the fastest route to getting your CSCS Green Card.

To take our one-day CSCS test, tradespeople will need access to a computer, laptop or smart device with a working webcam, microphone and reliable internet. Once you have this, the common structure of the premium course looks like this:

Day 1:

  • Ensure you have access to a computer, laptop or smart device with a working webcam, microphone and reliable internet.
  • Create an account on our secure learning portal.
  • To get instant access to the Safe2Site Premium training content, pay £149 plus VAT.
  • Book your Safe2Site Premium final assessment – allow 24 hours to ensure you can work through all of the course material.
  • Begin working through the training content at your own pace, either in stages or all at once if you’re eager to get through it. On average, it takes three hours to complete.


Day 2:

  • Take your final assessment – this will be a 45-minute CSCS-approved online test and will be monitored through the webcam and microphone on your device. With the comprehensive learning that Safe2Site provides, we are proud to have a 100% pass rate.
  • Download your certificate to use as evidence when ordering your Green CSCS Card.

You will also need to pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment test at a local test centre. When you have completed both parts, you can order your new Green card from CSCS and then you can continue on with your work.

The ONLY Online CSCS Training Course

Get your CSCS green card quicker with a Safe2Site one-day CSCS course

Step 1

Make sure you have access to a computer/laptop (minimum 4gb) with a webcam and reliable internet

Step 2


First click in the link to select Safe2site Premium, then create a log in on our secure learning portal

Step 3

For instant access to Safe2Site Premium pay only £149 + VAT – value for money!

Step 4

Book your Safe2Site final assessment for the following day if you book before 5:00pm

Step 5

Complete the Safe2Site course  – on average it takes only 3 hours so you can be ready to take your online assessment the following day

Step 6

Take your final assessment. The comprehensive learning that Safe2Site provides is the reason we have a 100% pass rate – quality training!

Step 7

Download your certificate and forward to CSCS when you order your green card.  Complete CITB HSE test

Step 8

Complete CITB HSE test and order your green card from CSCS* then you are ready to start working safely on site!

*CITB test and CSCS card are not included with Safe2Site

Need to get a CSCS green card quickly? Book a one-day CSCS course here