Exciting news from Cosac Safe2Site!

At COSAC we have been involved in CSCS green card training for many years. We know the process can be confusing, inflexible and just generally hard work. We have been listening and we have done something about it.

We have spent the past year investing in and cultivating a new, market leading, innovative online platform and solution. Our new, upgraded Safe2Site course is truly the best, most accessible, most flexible and the best value for money course you will
find on the market.

We are really proud of our improved version of Safe2Site. It is the same great course, approved by CITB for the CSCS green card. However, now due to our revolutionary, trade-marked cloud-based training and invigilation platform, the final test no longer needs to be booked in advance, learners can take their test as soon as they have completed their modules, any time 24/7. We promise to validate the test and provide certificates within 24 hours, but in most cases the turnaround is much quicker. We can genuinely and uniquely offer next day (and often same day) accreditation. That’s trained, tested and certified in 24 hours!

Safe2Site has a 98% pass rate and 5* ratings on Trust Pilot. It offers real flexibility to learners, the online course can be taken whenever and wherever, there are no classroom restrictions, no booking frustrations or time slots that don’t fit with personal circumstances or work patterns. The most trusted, flexible and accessible CSCS green card course on the market.

All of these benefits are supported by the COSAC promise: We offer friendly, helpful, UK based customer service. We are a fully accredited and audited company, ISO 27001:2013 approved. Safe2Site is a unique product, supporting the needs of the construction industry, delivered by a trusted brand.

The Story of Safe2Site

The Level 1 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment course is the first step for those wanting to secure their CSCS Green (Labourers) card. The CITB Health Safety & Environment (HS&E) test for Operatives is Step 2 and finally, there is the card application direct to CSCS. This three stage process can be daunting for those setting out on a journey to employment in the construction industry. It’s an equal challenge for previous card carriers on renewal, when only five years ago, you only needed the CITB HS&E test.

The Compliance & Skills Academy (COSAC) is a construction and utilities training provider based in Runcorn. Prior to 2017, COSAC delivered the Level 1 H&S one day course in the classroom. The experience for the learner wasn’t great. First, the need to schedule courses meant that those requiring the qualification – either to get or remain in work – had to wait for a time that was convenient for the training provider, as opposed to doing it when they wanted/needed to. Next, in addition to paying for the course, a day in the classroom meant a day off work, something that many couldn’t afford. Finally, forcing everyone to work in a traditional classroom manner, created a sub-optimal teaching environment for some that meant that many didn’t actually learn much. So, not great for them and in turn, not great for the industry.

With the needs of the individual and their employers in mind, COSAC set about creating the first, all online version of a Level 1 equivalent H&S course. It was a tough road to travel. CSCS and CITB approval was required and they were still reeling from Panorama type investigations into abuse of the Green card system, with reports of disreputable and unaccountable activity being conducted by a number of fraudulent providers. They saw online training and assessment of the Level 1 H&S course as a further risk. But, despite these difficulties, the COSAC Safe2Site course was finally launched in October 2017, the first all online course of its kind in the UK.

The Construction industry is conservative by nature. So, despite the obvious advantages of flexibility and cost, the concept of online training proved to be a demanding product to market. However, with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions in early 2020, the COSAC Safe2Site course was to prove one of the very few ways for individuals to get qualified. In the 12 months to March 2021, COSAC successfully delivered over 10,000 Safe2Site courses and in doing so, kept a number of people in work, who otherwise would have lost it and helped many more who would not have had access to training without the online option.

This experience proved that online learning and assessment had a place in the construction and associated industries. Another important lesson was that busy and hardworking people needed the flexibility to train and be tested at a time that suited them – and their employer – as opposed to when it suited the training provider.
Accordingly, Safe2Site Mark 2 was launched in December 2021 and in addition to being easier to find and buy online – for both individuals and businesses procuring it for their people – the course incorporated a new and fully CITB approved remote invigilation process that allows individuals to be trained, assessed and certified in the same day. This technical transformation represents another first for COSAC and Safe2Site and real opportunity for greater efficiency in compliance across the industry.