You’re probably aware that it’s a legal requirement that all employers “provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel” to ensure that their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.

But what is adequate and appropriate? That depends on a number of factors and it differs from workplace to workplace.

Recently a Manchester-based company found themselves in court, and were heavily fined, because no first-aiders were available when a work-place accident occurred. If you have a first-aider, are they on site all the time? What if you operate shift patterns? And what about when they’re on annual leave?

This is one reason that employers are required to carry out a first aid needs assessment. This helps you to identify what is “adequate and appropriate” for your workplace so that you can put the right safeguards in place and avoid heavy penalties that could seriously damage your business.

COSAC carried out a first aid needs assessment for Runcorn-based printing specialists PS2 Print and their Managing Director Paul Walker was only too happy to talk about the experience.

Paul Walker
Managing Director, PS2 Print

“I knew that having a first aid needs assessment was a requirement and it wasn’t something I wanted to put off. You just don’t know when you could be faced with an emergency situation and I needed to know that we were prepared.

I arranged for COSAC to carry out the assessment for us because we’ve worked with them before. Their staff are knowledgeable so I trusted them to do a thorough and proper assessment, reassured that it would come at a competitive price.

Ray carried out the assessment in just a couple of hours and we had the report back within 2 days.

The report identified some things that were easy to put right, like improving the visibility of first aid boxes and replacing out-of-date first aid supplies, but if it wasn’t for the report we would never have thought about those things.

It’s given me peace of mind. You can’t really put a price on that, but I’d recommend COSAC for value for money.”

We’re here to help you to meet your compliance requirements. Let us give you the peace of mind that comes with an up-to-date first aid needs assessment and if it highlights a need for staff training, we’ve got that covered too.

Get in touch now to find out more and arrange your assessment.