Safe2Site helping you work safely on site

Safe2Site is for everyone working on a site who needs training for a CSCS Green card

Frequently Asked Questions

“What is Safe2Site?”

Safe2Site is the only fully online course accredited by CSCS as route to getting a green card.

“Is Safe2Site recognised by CSCS as qualification to help me get my green card?”

Yes Safe2Site has been accredited by CSCS as an alternative to the level 1 health and safety in a construction environment, needed to obtain a green labourers card.

“Who needs Safe2Site?”

Safe2Site is for everyone working on a construction site who wants to apply for a CSCS Green Labourer Card.

“How do I get a CSCS Green Card?”

There are 3 steps to getting a CSCS green

Step 1 – Get a UK qualification in H&S in a construction environment

Safe2Site is the only fully online course accredited by CSCS as an alternative to the H&S in a construction environment. The online learning and final assessment are an ideal preparation for the HS&E test (Step 2).

Step 2 – Pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test is a multiple choice computer based test completed at an approved test centre and costs £21.00. Call 0344 994 4488 or visit

Step 3 – Order green card from CSCS

You need to pay £36 with credit or debit card over the phone and email across your Safe2Site certificate. When your payment has been processed then CSCS card will be posted to you. Call 0344 99 44 777.

“How does online learning work?”

Safe2Site has been designed to be completed in small bite-sized chunks and the content is mobile-friendly, so once you have bought the course, you can learn it at your own pace.  Complete it on a computer/laptop at home or at work or on your mobile phone or tablet while you’re on the move.  As long as you have internet connection, you can do a module, then save what you’ve done so you can pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

Our material is interactive, informative and engaging – delivering consistent, high quality content.  Also there is mock testing throughout to check for understanding and progression.  Once you have successfully completed the learning, you will be ready to take your Safe2Site online assessment/exam and will be directed to TestReach, our remote invigilator partners.

“How does online assessment work?”

To ensure the integrity of our online assessment/exam we use remote invigilation, for this we have partnered with an organisation called TestReach.

When you gain access to Safe2Site you will be prompted to book your exam, you can book a date and time convenient for you 3 working days from then.  When you are ready to book you’re exam, you need to be logged into the computer/laptop you are going to use – you cannot use a mobile or tablet for this part of the course. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions.  After you have selected your exam time from the calendar, you’ll then do some connectivity checks to make sure everything on your laptop is compatible and that you’ll be able to do the exam.

On the day of your exam, click the link again, you’ll be connected with an invigilator who will communicate with you via your webcam/speaker/microphone, explaining how remote exam will proceed.  You are told the outcome of the exam immediately after you have finished.  If you are successful you can then download your Safe2Site certificate, which is valid for 5 years.

“What do you need to do the online course?”

You need to have access to a computer or laptop with a webcam/speaker/microphone for the final test, but you can complete the course content on a smart phone or tablet. You also need a reliable internet connection.

Specifically for the final test:

  • A computer/laptop with Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM, using either Windows or Apple operating system
  • A working webcam, microphone and speaker
  • Minimum screen size 13″ and a resolution of 1024 x 768
  • A reliable internet connection, minimum continuous speed of 516kbps (recommend Chrome/Firefox/Opera browser)

“What is Safe2Site Premium?”

Safe2Site Premium is for people who are in a hurry!

It works exactly the same as regular Safe2Site, except you can book your final assessment for the next working day, as long as you book before 5:00pm.  Meaning you don’t have to wait 3 working days as you do with regular Safe2Site.

“Can I do Safe2Site on my phone?”

Yes, the Safe2Site course can be done on a smart phone, but you will need to have access to a computer or laptop with a webcam/speaker/microphone for the final test.

“How long will it take me to complete the Safe2Site?”

You complete the course at your own pace, but on average it takes 3 hours to do the course content, then there is a 45 minute test at the end.

“When can I take my final test?”

Generally final tests are available from 10.00 to 17.00 Mon to Fri.

However, we have also run tests up to 9pm one evening every week and also one Saturday morning every month.

The availability is advertised on our training portal.

“What happens when I take the final test?”

You connect with the test centre and first check that your webcam, speaker and mic are working properly and that your internet connection is good enough. Then you connect to a supervisor who confirms the test procedure and checks your ID. You then take your test while the supervisor remotely observes. At the end, you are told straight away if you’ve passed or failed.

“How long is the final test at the end?”

You are allowed 45 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions.

“What is the pass mark for Safe2Site?”

The pass mark is 80%.

“What happens if I don’t complete the course before the test?”

If you haven’t completed the entire course, you cannot take your final test, please check you have a tick against every section.

“What if I need to change the date of my final test?”

Up to 24 hours before you can change the date of your test, but after that time, changes are subject to a £35 administration fee.

“What if I miss my final test?”

If you miss your test, a re-scheduled test is subject to a £35 administration fee.

“What if I fail my final test?”

If you fail your test, a re-scheduled test is subject to a £35 administration fee.

“What is the pass rate for Safe2Site?”

The first time pass rate is over 99%, with 100% overall.

“How do I get my certificate?”

Once you have passed, your certificate becomes immediately available to download.

“I’m buying course for someone else, shall I book it their name?”

Yes and ensure you spell the name exactly as they want it to appear on their certificate.

“Do I need ID to do Safe2Site?”

Yes, when you have your final test you be asked to show valid photo ID.

“What languages is Safe2Site available in?”

Safe2Site is only available in English and CSCS have not given approval for it to be translated into any other languages.

“Can you provide support for my additional requirements such as dyslexia?”

Yes, you do the course at your own pace and we can arrange for extra time to be allowed for the final test.