Until recently, acquiring a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Labourer Card could mean construction site workers spending a day or more offsite completing a course – costing them a lot of time and money. However, now, with the launch of our new CSCS card test online, Safe2Site, labourers can fulfil their necessary qualifications at a time and place that suits them – for the first time ever.

But what is a CSCS card and why is it so important? Janine Povey, e-learning and communications manager at COSAC, explains more.

A CSCS Card is your ‘pass’ into the workplace, whether a housebuilder / construction worker, or someone cleaning on or delivering to a site, Green Labourer Cards are often required in many sectors today as part of the UK Government’s bid to improve health and safety in the workplace.

To acquire a card, workers must gain a qualification, which is only possible through enrolling in an approved CSCS course. By taking the course, they’ll achieve a qualification known as the RQF 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, or an approved alternative such as Safe2Site, granting them permission to apply for a Green Labourer Card and allowing them to work.

Who needs a CSCS card?

Over the years, CSCS has issued cards for over 400 occupations and stored each cardholder’s data and crucial information regarding qualifications. Since launching our CSCS card test online in March 2018, hundreds of individuals have finished the course, which, if completed successfully, grants them the required qualifications to go on to obtain the card.

In a bid to improve the safety of housebuilding in the UK, Theresa May released a statement to encourage site managers to crack down on fraudulent workers. Without the labourer cards, site managers would have a difficult time keeping track of all workers’ qualifications, particularly when last year alone, over 140,000 green Labourer Cards were issued.

Is it necessary?

While acquiring the card is not a legislative requirement, many contractors and major housebuilders today ask that their workers do hold a valid CSCS card before allowing them on site. The qualifications determine whether labourers are correctly equipped to work on site, reducing the risk of injury and therefore improving standards across the industry.

How do I get a CSCS card?

Our approved online Safe2Site course gives labourers the flexibility to study in short, interactive bursts without having to commit themselves to a day off work to complete the course.

The online course, on average takes three hours to complete and it can be studied on multiple devices – mobile, tablet, laptop or computer. This is in preparation for the final 45-minute test that must be taken on a computer or laptop with a webcam. A test supervisor acts as an online invigilator, using web video, audio and remote screen share, re-creating exam conditions.

Once the Safe2Site final test has been passed and therefore a CSCS approved course achieved, the individual simply downloads the Safe2Site certificate and is then able to apply for a Green Labourer Card.

The benefits to the course are not solely limited to the qualification. Participants gain a great deal of transferable skills from the course, one of which is the understanding of general – but crucially – health and safety requirements, which is knowledge that can be applied to almost any workplace or sector.

Safe2Site is a quality eLearning product with a 100 per cent pass rate. The course gives you the opportunity to gain one of the most significant qualifications within the construction industry and ultimately, grants you the freedom to work.