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Getting your CSCS card with Safe2Site is really quick and easy

Step 1

Make sure you have access to a computer/laptop (minimum 4gb) with a webcam and reliable internet

Step 2


First click in the link to select Safe2site, then create a log in on our secure learning portal

Step 3

For instant access to Safe2Site pay only £99 + VAT – value for money!

Step 4

Book your Safe2Site final assessment, allow 3 working days. If you’re in a hurry try Safe2Site Premium

Step 5

Complete Safe2Site course at your own pace, in sections or all at once – on average it takes 3 hours to finish all modules

Step 6

Take your final assessment remotely using computer/laptop with webcam and have your valid photo ID available

Step 7

Download your certificate and forward to CSCS when you order your green card.

Step 8

Complete CITB HSE test and order your green card from CSCS* then you are ready to start working safely on site!

*CITB test and CSCS card are not included with Safe2Site

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Customer Feedback

Really good course material which is user friendly and very helpful staff.thanks


1st March 2019

good platform, very proffesional, easy to understand thankyou


25th February 2019

Great service. Managed to get my certificate without having days off work. Will recommend to anyone who needs it


20th February 2019

Good service , saved me losing a days work


4th February 2019

good use of subtitles on the videos


12th March 2019

We asked Safe2Site candidates for feedback

Results below and some comments either side


97% agreed or strongly agreed that Safe2Site is easy use


98% agreed or strongly agreed that Safe2Site learning material is easy to understand


98% agreed or strongly agreed that Safe2Site content is relevant and interesting


98% agreed or strongly agreed or answered N/A that it is easy communicate with the course Administrator


Asked to rate 1 -5, Safe2Site received an Average score 4.6

(1 = Needs improvement, 5 = Excellent)


Asked to rate rate 1- 5 how likely to recommend Safe2Site to family, friends, colleagues Average score 4.6

(1 = Not likely, 5 = Extremely likely)

A great way of learning under your own steam. The revision was excellent and taking the test with the invigilator was very straight forward. Would highly recommend.


11th February 2019

Admin during the practising was more than enough help. Also the admin I had during examination was very clear, polite, and understanding. Thankyou for everything.


11th March 2019

Great course! Everything was very clear and the supervisor nice and welcome! Thanks


21st February 2019

Brilliant way of doing this very user friendly.


30th January 2019


I did Safe2Site Premium because I had done the CITB test already and I needed to do the training as quickly as possible so I could start on a new site.  I bought the course and did my online training that night, passed my online test the next morning and was ordering my green card by 11am so I was back in work by dinner time only losing half a day.  It was an easy way to learn, really convenient and I saved loads of money and time.  Can’t fault any part of it, highly recommended.

Matt Rathbone


I bought Safe2Site for my son because he needed to get a green card for work.  He had already been on classroom course, but he had failed because he is dyslexic and struggles in that environment.  Being able to study online, doing the modules in his own time and being able to repeat anything he didn’t understand really helped Callum. For the final test, I was able sit with him and read the questions, while he answered and we were observed by the online exam assessor.  Callum passed by 96% I was so proud of him!  I can’t recommend Safe2Site and the helpful staff at Cosac more highly.

Angela Peterson

Callum's Mum

I recently took your safe2site course and passed my test and would just like to give a quick thank you to you and your team. Being able to do this course and test online has helped me so much with not missing work. Because I was able to get it done so quickly I have been offered the opportunity to work a job with basically double the wage I was working for before.

Thanks you guys so much.

I will be recommending your service to anyone who will listen.

Liam Hanly

Fire Alarm Engineer

Safe2Site has been godsend for us. Since we started using online learning instead of using a tutor in a classroom, we have reduced our overheads and can provide a more flexible and competitively priced full green card package in one day.

Safe2Site provides us with quality and consistent training and the remote assessment is robust and unbiased.

Danny Chatfield

Centre Manager

We use Safe2Site because it’s easiest way for employee to get the training they need for their green card.  We send them their log ins and they complete the course on their smart phones in their own time and then we bring them on site for their final test (unless they have access to a webcam). It’s so much more simple and cost effective than having to bring them off site for a full days training and so far everyone single one passed first time.

Elizabeth Finlay

Recruitment Manager

The whole experience was great for me as a teacher and for my student who passed with 94%. The on line invigilation worked brilliantly and is especially good for our students many of whom suffer from anxiety when it comes to having to go to a centre for exams.  The only slight point I noted was that the suggested time for each learning module was very tight and to thoroughly go through and absorb the information needed more time than suggested. However a brilliant, well developed, constructed and delivered facility for which I am very grateful.   Many thanks for you help and communication throughout the process.

Pete Waterton

Training Manager

Trust Safe2Site

Only online course approved by CSCS for Green card

1000’s of successful candidates in the last 12 months

100% pass rate, over 99% passing on the first attempt

Excellent customer satisfaction feedback and results

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