Customer Feedback

Good site Danny

25th January 2019

Good job. You can put audio and translations to other languages. Gheorghita

25th March 2019

I’ve never done online course like that.. So i can say it’s easy to understand everything is explained properly and so friendly course administrator ! I’m so happy !


7th May 2019

Why wasn’t this set up years ago Alan

20th May 2019

Great service to use and is very knowledgeble


20th May 2019

Really happy and pleased with the service.


4th June 2019

Overall the experience was very helpful and I found myself easily navigating throughout the course. The only thing I would mention is that my examiner spoke very quickly, I can imagine that for a non-native English speaker, it could be difficult to understand them.

Thanks for the certificate.



7th June 2019

would like to no which question i got right and which ones i got wrong on the final exam


20th February 2019

Wish i had been able to find this company sooner. This is the way i like to learn, in my own time and at home. We couldn’t find any day courses locally and then they quoted 14-21 days to get a card. Cant fault the course material, it was nice to learn some new rules/procedures.


4th April 2019

i don`t seem to be able to find out what questions i got wrong other than that it was good , easily understandable


15th May 2019

Why wasn’t this set up years ago


20th May 2019

Thanks Janine. You were very helpful and understanding.


7th June 2019

good course but has the same contents in as all the previous courses we have already attended. still keeps you up to date with H&S and any changes.


14th June 2019

Dosent always work well with iphones when dragging answers makes page reload. Other than that, very happy with format.


28 February 2019

BEST EVER ALTERNATIVE as you do the course in your own time JUST make sure you have a laptop that meets the spec and nice internet connection for the final assessment. EASY BOOK THIS TRUST ME LOL


2nd May 2019

Thankyou for your help with test.


16th May 2019

All is perfect apart from some calibration when clicking one the slides.


27th May 2019

Fantastic service….. would reccommend to anybody in the industry.


7th June 2019

Excellent course. Well presented and simple to navigate. Highly recommended.


14th March 2019

Very concise and to the point. Easy to understand.


7th May 2019

Would be easier to use on mobile devices and tablets Ethan

16th May 2019

Fantastic service in it’s entirety. It made getting this required qualification much easier in terms of not having to get time off of work. Thank you


16th May 2019

I wish I could sit all exams remotely like this, saves time, money and the environment due to not travelling.

Excellent service.

Thank you 🙂


4th June 2019