Some of the Class of ’17 in our Power Training Room

November 2017 has been a momentous month here at COSAC – The Compliance and Skills Academy.  Our state of the art training academy, which has been purpose built so that we can deliver the highest quality dual fuel meter training, had its very first set of learners join the programme and begin their journey towards gaining a job as a smart meter installer.

Our group of eleven learners are from all different walks of life, but with one thing in common, they are investing in their futures by taking a positive step to new career in the energy industry and taking advantage of this nationwide job opportunity.

Don’t know what a Smart Meter is – where have you been?

A smart meter is a starter to a completely new world of in-home technology.  It gives the customer a chance to get a real grip on their energy usage without the complications of estimated bills.  It automatically sends readings to the supplier and comes with an In Home Display (IHD) that shows usage in real time, giving an indication on the big energy users in your home.

And why is everyone talking about smart meters?

The government are aiming to install smart meters in every home in the UK by 2020, that’s 26 million homes!

To do that, it’s estimated that they’ll need around 7,600 new engineers

So starting a career as a smart metering engineer opens the door to many more opportunities if that’s what you’re looking for and there is currently huge demand.  With a generous salary (starting at £24,000 and rising to £34,000 for highly experienced engineers).

The COSAC 14 week programme provides all the skills and qualifications needed to become a smart meter installer.  Keep tuned into our blog and we’ll tell you all about our learners and how they are progressing, but if you’re impatient and want find out more now